You are a Person, not a number and you have a unique reason for seeking our help.
The Center offers straight forward and sometimes outside the box solutions to bring you closer to your goals, whether it’s to be pain free or to be maximally healthy.

From musculoskeletal stress to nutritional and emotional imbalances you’re working on, there’s something for everyone at The Center.

Consider this place a HUB for many of the things that will help you regain balance in your imperfect world. Being human has many advantages, one of those being REASON. It’s reasonable that despite our ability to heal ourselves, there are limitations to that ability that may become more obvious over time and because of that, we have each other.

At The Center we honor that light within you, your God-given right to live and love without restriction and encumbrances. When there are things holding you back from those rights, you can depend on those here to put a hand out to help you up or to push you along. From Chiropractic and Manual Medicine to Exercise prescriptions to Nutritional Balancing to Functional Medicine, The Center is linked to it all. By joining us, you have access to all of our resources.

Dr. Tim Rogers, DC







Our Bodies

As incredible as our bodies are, we are more than a body. Our miraculous beings sense our common world and respond to it with a delicate symphony mitigated by our nervous systems, eking out a library of favorable and unfavorable stimuli. Yet as miraculous as we are, we are not the same. Often compared to snowflakes, there are actually more snowflakes that possess the same structure than there are humans who do. We interpret our surroundings differently and live in our separate realities from offset viewpoints which is perfectly imperfect. Despite our views, we can get a long and share this world, maybe even learn from each other. Our chiropractic methods are centered around restoring you functionally to actually feel MORE, not less….for more on this check out our section on Mind, Body, Spirit.

In addition to our sensory (nervous system/mind) and physical beings (body), perhaps superior to them is our SPIRIT. The connection to a supernatural source that animates us all and fascinates us unendingly leaves us wanting. There’s no denying that praying and meditating connect us to spirit creating endorphins or feel good chemicals that are sadly missing today in an opiate riddled world. Our spirits can become crushed through a multitude of experiences that our imperfect selves have endured. Energy squashed can be returned, however, given the right environment to develop it…and it doesn’t mean you have to join a monastery to get there!