Please read the following letter prior to booking your appointment.

Dear Client, 

WELCOME BACK! You have been missed, but before we get back to business, please read the following letter. 

While we navigate this unusual situation, I ask that you be patient. As you know, it’s only me inside the office playing all of the roles. I will be preparing and cleaning up after each patient as well as evaluating everyone for readiness. As it is, these are non-negotiable tasks and may cut into time on the table, so please do your part to protect yourself, other patients, me and my family. You will be required to wear a mask, have your temperature taken and sign a statement confirming your readiness to receive care. 

The more prepared you are, the quicker we can move through everything. 

Our world has changed in the way we are to operate as providers, many offices may not be recognizable in how much they will change their procedures. I ask that you understand that I can’t linger too long to talk. If you have additional needs, you can text or call me to discuss or schedule additional visits. It’s not out of a lack of concern for your condition, it’s due to the additional steps that I must take to safeguard the well-being of others. AND the masks are not conducive to long conversations. 

From now on, until further notice, please adhere to the following: 

  1. Stay in your car until I can bring you inside. 
  2. Answer the waiver’s questions.
  3. Wear your mask. 
  4. Feel free to wash your hands before and after entering the adjusting room. 
  5. Submit to temperature readings…at first it will be intra-ear, then forehead scan
  6. Reschedule online to save office time. 
  7. Reserve questions for emails/texts. 

Thank you for your understanding…


Dr. Tim R. Rogers

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